Stourport Ring 17th - 24th September 2005

(Another break from the important job of getting the Pievan completed)

Crew:- Elaine, myself, Neil, Daniel, Jo, Vera (me Mum), Jenny (Daniels Mum).

Route was pretty good, boat was OK (but leaky), service from Black Prince was less than good !


Long story short...

Essentially, the boat had a leak in the drinking water system, which was reported to the company, first by phone, then confirmed in detail by email. The problem was not a 'show stopper' for 1/2 the crew who are used camping with limited water supplies, but it was obviously an inconvenience having to spend extra time filling the tank. (It was later found that it had been more of an issue for Daniel (with Asberger's) who had been quietly dealing with his anxiety to avoid disrupting the rest of us).

Obviously one can accept that there will occasionally be mechanical failures with boats in a large fleet, but the level of customer care we experienced does not seem to reflect the standards expected from a 'award winning' company and this was only compounded by the responses from the managing director when we wrote to him on the matter.

For the full gory story and copies of the correspondence go to - Black Prince Canal / Narrow Boat Holiday Complaint


Holiday Pictures

No pics yet as it's going to take a while to sift through all of the photo's as there are 600+ from the digitals!...

However, being techy geeks we did rig up a web cam to take a snap every 15 secs and ran this during the day from the 18th until the 24th (only missing the first 2 hours travel on Sat 17th).

So, until the pics are sorted here's the Stourport ring in 2 1/2 minutes for some 'extreme relaxation'!!! 320x240-40fps-sml.avi (DivX5 encoded)