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November 2016. Starter motor adapter plate.

Adam had needed to replace the ring gear on the flywheel as the old one had become somewhat chewed after a few years of use.

The idea is to  remove the adapter and reinforce it to prevent flex, which I think was allowing the starter teeth to lose engagement with the ring gear, thus causing the damaged teeth.


Stripping bits off to reveal the glory of some vintage orange goop :)

2016-10-06 05.31.17.jpg (1669789 bytes) 2016-10-06 05.31.52.jpg (1724626 bytes) 2016-10-06 05.51.02.jpg (1740880 bytes) 2016-10-06 05.55.34.jpg (1724607 bytes)


The old adapter plate is ugly but was fairly functional, so should still do the job with the addition of a steel band to prevent flex.

2016-10-06 06.07.47.jpg (2032723 bytes) 

Off with the lugs from the backplate to give a nicer curve to work with, and room for welding.

2016-10-06 15.55.27.jpg (2141588 bytes) 2016-10-07 05.47.51.jpg (1550541 bytes)

With the steel band tacked in place, the starter loop if definitely stiffer.

2016-10-07 05.33.52.jpg (1676544 bytes) 2016-10-09 04.44.54.jpg (1691075 bytes) 

A quick check shows the starter teeth meshing nicely with the ring gear, apart from a bit of unwanted offset, which means there is not full engagement, and that's going to be good for teeth!

2016-10-08 06.29.44.jpg (1479296 bytes)

Ok, we could go with the adapter as is and it would probably be ok for another few years more use, or could make a new adapter based on what was learnt from the 'prototype'. Now that would be a thing!

Plan B

Build a jig for the backplate and the old, prototype plate (see, I called it that again), and use this to make a new adapter from some slabs of 3mm steel. (Any excuse to play with the plasma cutter!)

A solid bit of 18mm ply with a few discretely arranged blocks of wood will hold things in place while a drill is run through all the bolt holes to properly secure/locate things.

2016-10-09 05.43.27.jpg (1475799 bytes)

Then each of the existing bits can be drawn around for reference, and approximate templates can be made from card, ready to transferring onto steel.

2016-10-09 07.35.34.jpg (1467651 bytes) 2016-10-09 15.28.09.jpg (2447855 bytes) 2016-10-09 15.38.34.jpg (2069925 bytes) 2016-10-10 04.36.19.jpg (1638247 bytes)

A slight bit of revision needed to the Princess backplate to allow the new starter flange to sit further through and engage better with the flywheel.

2016-10-11 10.28.52.jpg (2556052 bytes) 2016-10-09 06.46.30.jpg (1430866 bytes) 2016-10-11 10.29.17.jpg (1846103 bytes) 


Revised shape traced onto steel, and chopped for a trial fit.

2016-10-10 05.01.48.jpg (1723481 bytes) 2016-10-10 05.53.08.jpg (1807210 bytes)  2016-10-11 05.51.28.jpg (1568023 bytes) 

All seems to line up when suitably spaced, so should be a simple job to weld it against the adapter plate when everything is lined up.

2016-10-10 08.38.02.jpg (1501677 bytes) 2016-10-11 10.26.50.jpg (1719646 bytes)

The first plate cut to shape and trial fitted.

2016-10-12 05.52.05.jpg (1645190 bytes) 2016-10-12 05.52.49.jpg (2098676 bytes) 2016-10-12 06.15.02.jpg (1594247 bytes)

Precision engineering using the jig to drill the holes for the engine bolts, allowing it to be fitted, scribbled on, and shaped to fit.

2016-10-12 17.52.02.jpg (1563394 bytes) 2016-10-12 18.12.32.jpg (1468644 bytes) 2016-10-12 18.15.06.jpg (1552749 bytes) 2016-10-13 08.11.45.jpg (2281101 bytes) 2016-10-13 08.14.32.jpg (1544563 bytes)

With a rough flange for the starter in place, it looks like it could almost be a working plan...

2016-10-15 16.08.41.jpg (2136563 bytes) 2016-10-15 16.22.26.jpg (2446451 bytes) 2016-10-15 16.35.38.jpg (2229120 bytes)

But always sensible to get someone else to check things fit properly!

2016-10-15 16.36.48.jpg (2117907 bytes) 2016-10-15 16.59.14.jpg (2241641 bytes) 2016-10-15 17.17.42.jpg (1804969 bytes)

Starter tooth engagement with the flywheel looking far better with the new adapter, using temporary washers on the mount bolts to set the starter to the right depth, so the plates are bolted together to maintain alignment.

2016-10-16 06.28.27.jpg (2112502 bytes) 2016-10-16 06.55.11.jpg (1656530 bytes)

Back off the engine the plates are glued together, and at this point all the holes should still be in the right place.

2016-10-19 05.56.28.jpg (1494445 bytes) 2016-10-20 06.29.55.jpg (1529496 bytes)

A bit more marking and trimming of the backplate.

2016-10-25 05.33.59.jpg (1808108 bytes) 2016-10-26 06.18.37.jpg (1821205 bytes)

I think maybe a small extension would tidy up the back edge, so may as well make another bit while I'm here. Draw it trim it, clamp it weld it...

2016-10-28 06.48.57.jpg (1858992 bytes) 2016-10-28 06.48.43.jpg (2024674 bytes) 


2016-10-30 06.13.20.jpg (1700123 bytes)


Then on to the the flange for the starter. It needs to be a snug fit, so another high tech special tool was implemented for marking out the hole.

2016-10-17 05.48.02.jpg (1689299 bytes) 2016-10-16 15.43.23.jpg (2027033 bytes) 2016-10-16 15.43.03.jpg (2045083 bytes)

Starter flange, spacer and backplate 

2016-10-25 18.41.46.jpg (2306533 bytes)