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March - 2020

Covid-19 is ravaging the planet, countries are on lockdown, civilian movement is restricted, shops are low on toilet roll and self raising flour can only be sourced from very shady characters on the darkweb...
It is now 15 years since Doris left home, returning in 2016 in need of care and attention, waiting patiently for the right time.
That time is now...

Basically, with the country in lockdown for C-19 there's suddenly a lot more time to spend on important DIY around Spag HQ. So, having fixed the fence, trimmed the trees and chopped the hedge down in the front garden the next job was to have a tidy in the garage, the result of which is is plenty of space to play.

Hmmm, it could almost be described as 'good' access for tinkering !

Next 'tidying up' job was to swap the Pievan for Doris, on the off chance I decided to look at the shell and running gear at some point.

Simple rigging to allow a 9yr old to slew the car across the cobbles, rolling it on a trolley jack running on steel plates.

Who then got the good job of steering while the adults did the pushing.

  Pievan tucked up outside for a while.


Doris on her way into the warm and dry.

You know when the plumbing in your engine bay resembles a cheap Dr Who set...

So, after 15 years, I have a running engine in Doris :) 

 Click for video!