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April - 2020

With the sump extension removed, the condition of the final drive gears could be seen. Not looking bad considering they were machined from steel stock and not case hardned!

While off the sump extention bits got a lick of paint and now look almost respectable.

New old stock Austin Princess gearbox gasket set and slight scissor work. It will be rather nice to have a some real gaskets in here !

Transfer housing plate on next, bolted to the updated starter motor adapter.

Flywheel fitted with the luxury of new bolts and washers.

New clutch cover and best plate chosen from the selection.

A nice new release bearing to go in as I think the old one may have been a bit past it!

Cover fitted and plate centred.

Wiring in place for starter tests.

Test engineer present !

It doesn't sound too bad while cranking.
Click for cranking video

Slow motion clip shows a good gear engagement without much unwanted flexing.

Click for slo-mo video

Another new gasket!

Transfer housing fitted and drop gears in place.

Spare gearbox raided for a scabby end cover to replace the one with the ugly repair.

Cleaning up nicely and ready to fit with more new gaskets!


That's that all back together, so in theory the bottom end should all be oiltight now, (well at least as oiltight as anything vaglely BL could ever be!)