Shell Investigation

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April - 2020

Stripping, poking, chopping and zapping...

Out with the seats and carpets to have a proper look at things.

In some places the original 1978 red paintwork is intact where the black Hammerite has lifted.


In other places, the less than original paint of the red garage floor is visible where the tinworm has struck! 

Potential for a fun archelological dig to excavate several layers of repair panels and patches!

OSR is pretty badly hit, but the heelboard doesn't feel too bad.

Behind the bulkhead all seems pretty solid, the 'Beerkeg racing' fuel tank is in good order and looks clean inside.

20 years has been less kind on the fuller hose, so probably needs replacing before trying to add petrol! 

Tow bar off and exhaust removed.

Up front the bulkhead has suffered a bit of corrosion, but looks to be a simple fix.

The boot floor behind the arches has had a bit of moth trouble, so will need to go, but forward of that, all looks solid.

Tow bar plate tacked in place for reference before we get the scissors out.

Ready for the chop!

Can I help Dad?

Video evidence of the boy with a plasma cutter... Cutting Fun.mp4

Old bits out. (No he didn't do it all, he still needs a little more training !)

New bits in

Out with the tank and fuel lines, so it's safe to start chopping at the floor!

A rough bit of cutting to see what there is to play with.

Layers Donkey, layers!!!

More cutting, bigger holes, companion bins removed and doors taken off.