Making Holes

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May 2020

Time for the serious work of properly removing the floor plan.

First job is to get the hinge panel and corners nailed on to keep things stiff for jacking up and removing the subframe.

Then a bit of general chopping and weight reduction surgery. Great fun digging through several layers of floor pan!


With the crossmember and tunnel left in place to avoid flexing, Doris could be stuck up on ramps.


Using a heafty bit of angle iron side to side below the boot floor, the engine crane was the perfect tool to lift the rear up away from the subframe and then back down onto a solid level stand.

The next round of cutting removed the tunnel and crossmember,  trimming the inner sills to make space for the floor, but leaving a little extra in place for final fit tweaking.

Big choppings of the wheel arch corners to remove crusty stuffs that should mean making an infill panel is easy once the floor is fitted.

The heelboard only had a few corroded bits, but while we're here it's not a major job to just remove it and bung in a new one complete with fresh captive subframe bolts. At this point there are a couple of extra tabs left in place to work out alignment of the new panel.

These are not the harnesses you are looking for...

Well, with no floor, it was rude not to ;)