Rear Subframe

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June 2020

As the back end of the shell is repaired and solid, the subframe needs to be sorted before we can drop Doris back down onto her wheels...

It must be noted that when the subframe was removed from the car, there was the wonderful smell of old Copper Slip and a great sense of relief as all of the bolts came out easily.
The prep some 15+ years ago seems to have paid off on that one !

On dissassembly, all the mechanicals seemed good except the rubber cone springs. I had never fitted new ones so they could well have been the originals from 1978...

The metalwork was a bit flaky in a few places so Mr Plasma had to get involved!

With some of the new steel stuck in place, I gave the subframe a quick blast over in yellow. 


Then after a couple of days, I decided that I didn't like it enough and promptly nuked it all back to bare metal with nice tangy Nitromors !

I think we'll be going with a satin black this time, so get it put back together quick with a pair of pert new rubber thingumies and more Copper Slip.

Just need to give the back end a quick spot of paint.

Then carefully roll the subframe, jack it up and stuff in all the bolts. All suitably smothered with copper grease.

Wheels on, then lowered back onto ramps. Just need to leave things to settle for a while and can then torque up all the bolts fully.