Toe panel

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July 2020

Time to pop the front subframe off and sort out the toe panel (the bottom of the front bulkhead) so that bit of the floorpan can be welded in.

Off with the subframe.

Not in terrible shape, but there's too many patches on patches for my liking.

A nice bit of 1.5mm steel should be stiffer that the original metalwork.

Bolt it on, then work out what other bits need trimming.

A bit of editing...

Ready for welding !

The old 3mm spreader plate will need a bit of tidying up, but will mean 4.5mm of fresh steel for the subframe mounts.

With a couple of other repair sections fitted, it all makes clangy noises when you hit it. Which is nice.

Time to strip out the rest of the plumbing and electrickery.

Finish welding in the crossmember and add a bit o paint to that.

Spreader plate trimmed and bolted in place.

Scrub up the buklhead.

A blast of primer to keep it tidy.