Flitch Panel Bits

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August 2020

Well, it's more A post, bulkhead & flitch panel bits, but that doesn't make for a very snappy page title !

So, the crusty flitch panels need to go, along with a panels and door pillars

So, it's chopping time (again) !

Test fit of the new flitch panel.


Then back to more choppings of the scuttle panel and the many layers of historic repairs...

More jigsaw parts ready to go.

Mostly back to real metal now. Good job the cage is there acting as a jig to keep everything in place!

First bits tacked in place to check the door is in the right place.

Then a quick interlude from metal to play with the paint. He needs to work on his technique, but not bad for a first go. A light coat and no runs.

Click for video of the boy spraying.

Dad assistance to blast the rest over.

Then back to the job of buildintg the A post, which is made from far more bits than you would initially suspect !

Clamped up for welding.

Flitch panel going in too.


Slightly more cutting on the drivers side to allow the fresh air inlet to be moved outwards.


 Plus a good time to grind off bodge welds around the steering column bracket, while there is easy access!

With the door wedged and strapped in place, the position of the A post hing panel bits could be checked.

Temporary support to keep the top in place ready for welding!

Inner A post and hinge panel tacked in place.

Ready for the next bit.

Check the door still fits, and bung the flitch panel in place.

Filling the gap at the top.

A - post nailed on over the other bits.

Starting to look happier now primer is going on .

Extension box for fresh air inlet added and some real paint !!!