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Sept 2022

With the Upside-Down-A-Tron fully functional the job of painting the shell could continue.

 I really should have made one before, it's so convenient to just roll the shell to find a comfortable height and angle, or just to get the light right :)


Not a fan of cars with vinyl wraps, but pallet wrap is a great way to mask things up quickly!



Prep, prep, prep. Fill, prime, sand, repeat.



After a bit of sanding the crazy dust patterns on the pallet wrap are a reminder why we wear masks. Not sure I fancy those growing in my lungs!


White high build primer with a drop of yellow. A slightly different shade for each coat makes it easy for a fool like me to know what bits I have done


Plain white this time, then more flatting and  more dust for Henry to eat



New cocktail shakers. The paint cups make switching colours and gun cleaning very easy.


Access inside and out is easier when you can rotate the shell :)


Getting more consistent.


A bit of paint needed pulling back off as this bit needed a little skim of filler to get the curve right,


Filled, flatted & painted.


Ready to throw some top coats from a new tin of very yellow paint !


I say top coats, it's mostly underneath at the moment !


The sun has heated the garage nicely, so paint is flashing off quickly.


Getting much more yellow.



From some angles it's almost looking shiny, which I know will upset the Doris purists !!! :D


While still upsidedownable, it seemed a good opportunity to just 'drop' the rear subframe into place.