Gutter & Roof

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October/November 2022

While painting the shell, you know when you chop out a bit of gutter that looks like the mice have been nibbling...

It then leaves the issue of how to repair it before the main roof gets stuffed on permanently.


Time for some inventing!


Not a bad fit


Almost looks like it was meant to be that way.



Now, just a few more little nibbles to rough fill with the magic of the MIG.



Mostly nibble free now!



So the roof skin has some patches of sound deadening that need to come off. Lets just make it a nice bath of hot water!


I'll slap some paint in the inside so there will be less to tidy up when it's on.


To some this may look like a bit of wood with a screw through it, but in truth we know it's a marking gauge - don't we?


With the roof bolted in place, we can check the fit, then mark the line for cutting.



All trimmed, onto welding and filling, with a little reworking on the rear corners.


On with a guide coat, then back to the game of fill/paint/sand/repeat !


More yellow, then a bit more yellow and finally time to unwrap again !