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April 2023

It wasn't easy, but I've finally gone cold turkey on the UpsideDown-A-Tron!

I love the easy access to the underneathy bits, but I really need to make some progress putting heavy bits on :D

Rear subframe fitted, then onto the stands...


Refurbed rear suspension all in place along with new shocks.


I was on the verge of bolting in the front subframe, but decided a bit of exhaust tweaking could make dismantling bits a bit easier in future.


It took a bit of measuring along the usual level of eyeballing and guessing to decide where the cut in the rear pipe should go to allow easy splitting.


Slightly incompetent TIGging has a flange glued in place ready for a nice little clamp.


Now the downpipe can be removed leaving the manifold in place.


Even better, there was actually room to assemble it when the engine was in place !


So, now we have 5 wheels in place and they all turn ok.


With all this stuff in place, there's a bit mroe room in the garage. Now all I need to do is wok out what to tackle next...