Door Fixing

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May 2023

So, I've decided the next new adventure is rebuilding the scabby doors.

The skins are not quite perforated, but look like a pain to repair, so the game is to peel them off and pop on new ones.



The door bottoms will need a bit of reconstructive surgery


Sticking bits on and making bits to tif.



An bit of gate post looks like the perfect candidate to make new brackets for the door check.


Don't tell, no one will know!


Paint, seal and on with the skin.


A remarkably stress free process, gently tapping and squeezing the edges over.


Seems to look like it should.


The passenger door was a bit more of a challenge because a bit of bend needed to be removed.



Slot it, flatten it, clamp it, weld it.


Fit it, check it, mark it again because there was still a bit to tweak.


We're gonna need a bigger clamp.


After the doors got a good heap of paint sloshed around the insides to cover the welds, it seemed rude not to bung them on again.

Look - Doris out in the sun with wheels and doors  !


Proper paint - soon...