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Doris - FWD 3.5l V8 Mini & Pievan - mid engine RWD 3.5l Mini van



Sep - 2016


Yes, it's true, after 11 years away, Doris is back.

The bodywork is in need of attention as some of the paint has lifted, but considering the respray in 2004 was a a panic job over one weekend, she hasn't faired too badly.

There is a bit of reassembly needed to finish the install of new clutch & starter bits, plus a couple of boxes of goodies that Adam had been collecting, including new shocks, trumpets, arches, handles locks and sundry other bits still to be discovered :) 

Seems I have a bit of renovation and recomissioning to do!

Jul - 08

Ooops, so much for staying out of the garage. Some fool just bought a boat. Little Floater.

Jun - 08

Ho hum, OK, OK, I know you probably think I am dead now with the lack of V8 antics, but heck it's summer, no time to be slaving away in the garage when some fool keeps dragging me away to play sailings on a silly little dinghy with far too much sail :)  I know it's all a bit eco friendly, and won't emit any sort of throbbing rumble, but hooray for entertaining cheap speed !!!


Feb - 08

Generally no V8 stuff, but more progress with 16V Morris Minor project...

Jan - 08

Right, we've been in the new house for a year now, and I have hardly done anything exciting and mechanical!

But, did buy another project in December  (1965 Morris Minor).

Have started chopping him up to fix the rusty bits and discovering the joys of plasma cutters

 See William Here


See the V8 Micra we built for Thunder Races, shown on Discovery Channel on Mon 20th Jan
* Thanks to Peter Wood (www.geocities.com/peterwood73) for the splendid quote!    



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