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Looking for more Mini info ? The try the Internet Mini Encyclopaedia

Some websites for handy info

Online Mot Testers Manual

Quinton Hazell catalogue downloads  <- seems to be down (07/11/05)

    Quinton Hazell clutch catalogue 673kb PDF (Spag's copy)

GM Radiators - online catalogue with dimensions for most makes another radiator size DB




Some other stuff that may help

Morris Minor workshop manual   Big 30MB jobbie. Not V8 mini related, but still handy !!!

Comparison between EFI manifolds for the Rover V8 - a Spag production 

v8_overhaul_manual.pdf (817k)  49 page official Rover V8 overhaul guide for 3.5, 3.9 & 4.2

explvwprt.pdf (5MB) Weber Carbs manual, exploded diagrams & parts lists for loads of models

welding.pdf (820k) Lincoln Electric's guide to MIG welding

diffs_2.xls (27k) RPM to MPH for Princess gearbox in all gears on various diff ratios.

eng_box.txt (3k) A very rough list of what engine & box combinations may fit together. (184k) DOS shareware program to design spur gears. (2.7MB) Scans of installation guide. (12k) A Visual Basic V8 simulator (EXE only) (1.4MB) Use this if the above doesn't work on its own (12k) 4 cylinder (EXE) (1.4MB)Full installer (701k) A handy codec for AVI compression


Some leccy stuf

efi2_diagram.jpg (160231 bytes) (157k) Rover flapper type EFI wiring diagram

Alternator wiring.


Dimensions & sizes of stuff

subfram_mounts.gif (11542 bytes)(12k) Subframe mounting dimensions    

mini_subframe.gif (25839 bytes)(26k) Standard subframe dimensions

subfram_align.gif (22342 bytes)(22k) Standard subframe alignment dimensions

Shell dimensions (10k each)

01_dim.gif (8486 bytes) 02_dim.gif (8637 bytes)

03_dim.gif (10594 bytes) 04_dim.gif (9991 bytes)

Comparison between diameter of 175/50r13, 165/60r12 and 165/70r10 tyres.

wheel_sizes.jpg (45256 bytes)

v8_crank_pulley1.jpg (110410 bytes) (107kb) V8 inner crank pulley.


Rear / Mid mounting info

twini.jpg (140747 bytes) (138k) Pic of Cooper Twini Rear engine 

A.B.S. FREESTYLE (443k) Build manual for with useful info on how to arrange for drum handbrake and gear change

Cable operated handbrake for rear disk on a GTM Kit (I think). The custom caliper fits onto the steering arm bolts.


Doris Tech info

Cut'n'Shut driveshafts using Mini outer ends welded to Princess inner ends. Thanks to Harry F Rochat Ltd!

Design for crank adapter - diameter of bit that fits into the princess crank could be increased to 47.5mm for a tighter fit. 

Large (1:1) scans of various bits 

cwp_orig.jpg (184073 bytes)(180k) Std Princess crownwheel & pinion 3.72:1

To help scale the image the exact coin sizes are 5p 18mm, 10p 24.5mm, 2p 25.9mm - Coin sizes direct from t the Royal Mint !

sump1.jpg (292606 bytes)(286k) Part of gearbox end/sump plate

sump2.jpg (222364 bytes)(218k) A scan with the other end

sump3.jpg (165914 bytes)(163k) And a top view showing the existing bit of V8 sump