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The V8Mini story in brief...  Oct '97 - Mar'05.

Doris arrived in October 1997, as a slightly scruffy 1275GT with a badly fitted MG Metro engine, and over the next  couple of years the usual things occurred. Bill Richards 1380, ST3 head, straight cut drops, x-pin diff, SD 6 point cage, steel backed buckets, harnesses etc... Then things got a bit more radical, having seen Viku's V8 Mini in late 2000, I thought 'I could do that', then added, 'But it won't look as shiny!'.  As I had an inkling that it may be a bit of a drawn out project, I started a diary to record the trials and tribulations of the conversion. A few notable months are below.

Jan01, V8 engine arrives (fun testing that in the garden). Mar01, got a Princess gearbox. Aug01, got married. Jan01, registered the v8mini domain, Feb02, V8 running in car. May02, Doris moves. Jun02, first road test. Aug02, invited on Thunder Races coz a researcher found Jan03, first MOT with V8. May - Aug03 , lots of car shows !!! 

Since June 2002 Doris has been on and off the road as the development  continued (or as things broke/fell off) but if you want the full story you really will have to browse through the diary :-)

6 page magazine feature Practical Performance Car Aug 04 page 30-36 - see Scrap Book

Having proved the low cost FWD V8Mini concept, a decision was made in to concentrate on development  of the Pievan, so in March 2005 Doris was exchanged for a suitable pile of cash, and now belongs to a mystery buyer...

For the continuing story of Doris under new ownership take a look at (Damn, that may give his identity away !)

The changing look of Doris- Sept 1998, May 2000, June 2000, May 2003.

09_rightish.jpg (94643 bytes) 

A few show pics we took.

banner_1.jpg (50750 bytes) look_1.jpg (48789 bytes) 03_small_line.jpg (37687 bytes) 20_pan_7.jpg (44307 bytes)

r_s_3.jpg (46147 bytes) 200012.jpg (45442 bytes)

Show pics taken by magazines !

mw_03_nov.jpg (106171 bytes) minimag_sub1.jpg (97811 bytes)

Rover V8, Austin Princess gearbox, Mini Subframe.

shed4.jpg (18038 bytes) 1box_3.jpg (27449 bytes) 2box_1.jpg (23929 bytes) 7_sub1.jpg (23107 bytes)

Fitting it all in.

14_aseries_v8_2.JPG (47035 bytes) 18_v8_in_mini.JPG (41699 bytes) 04_plenum.JPG (20451 bytes) 02_induction2.jpg (99785 bytes)

Hiding it.

11_blob.jpg (22991 bytes) 16_blob.jpg (19881 bytes) 18_blob.jpg (19766 bytes) sun2.jpg (40400 bytes)

Keeping it cool.

05_fitted.jpg (21220 bytes) 15_fan_lid.jpg (44007 bytes) 16_rad_lid.jpg (45442 bytes) 20_boot_mesh.jpg (44628 bytes)

Exhausting it.

15_zorstfront.jpg (25748 bytes) 01_pipe.jpg (53761 bytes) 03_under.jpg (47584 bytes) 04_rear.jpg (49805 bytes)

Fueling it.

08_cool.jpg (40747 bytes) 06_pump.jpg (41125 bytes) 13_bootview.jpg (43569 bytes) 06_cap.jpg (45629 bytes)


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Diy fuel injection by MEGASQUIRT

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