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September 2016. Doris returns

Yes, it's true, after 11 years away, Doris is back!

(Only a minor issue with the 'run flat' trailer rubber.)

2016-09-25 12.24.26.jpg (2194463 bytes) 2016-09-25 16.12.04.jpg (2945434 bytes) 2016-09-25 16.11.24.jpg (2452562 bytes) 

Um, dad, what gearbox is that ?

2016-09-25 18.44.11.jpg (2225621 bytes) 

Good job there's some spare stickers...

2016-09-27 10.27.12.jpg (1962082 bytes)

Bodywork is in need of attention as some of the paint has lifted, but considering the respray in 2004 was a a panic job over one weekend, she hasn't faired too badly.

2016-09-27 14.06.22.jpg (2518953 bytes) 2016-09-27 14.06.35.jpg (2500794 bytes) 2016-09-27 14.06.47.jpg (2198007 bytes)

Quite a nice collection of spares including a couple of gearboxes.

2016-09-25 18.25.58.jpg (1938904 bytes) 2016-09-25 18.26.04.jpg (1893636 bytes) 2016-09-25 18.26.27.jpg (2317539 bytes)

There is a bit of reassembly needed to finish the install of new clutch & starter bits, plus a couple of other boxes of goodies that Adam had been collecting, including new shocks, trumpets, arches, handles locks and sundry other bits still to be discovered :) 

Seems I have a bit of renovation and recomissioning to do!





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