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Having decided to fit a front mounted secondary radiator for cooling tests, a hole was cut and a suitable mounting welded together.

The gap behind the radiator is quite large to allow plenty of air flow and possibly an electric fan. A bit of BBQ grill on the front should stop rabbits & children going straight through ;-)

This Metro radiator has both outlets at the same end which makes it easy to plumb into the bottom hose.

OK, it's ugly !

The center of the thermostat was also removed for maximum cooling .


Temperature was good at about 80C, but the oil dripping onto the exhaust made quite a bit of smoke.

Damian spotted the bonnet scoop flapping at about 50mph and asked if it would stay on, I replied 'Yes', then 10 seconds later it bounced off the windscreen and flew across the road!

Sadly the change in airflow didn't affect the quantity of smoke ;-)

Strangely the car needed over 5 liters of oil to make up for the earlier smoke production. Better fix the leak or it will not be very cheap to run !

Along with smoke from  oil on the exhaust, there seems to be a fair bit of smoke from the wheels on heavy acceleration, so it may be expensive on tyres too ;-) 

And so having proved that the cooling can work the engine is back out for a proper fix of the oil leek.

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