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A small mock up of the bonnet scoop-hump-bulge thing was made to get an idea of the general shape.

Undercoat plaster was used because it's easy to work and dead cheap.

 See,  I said it was small! 

Here's the spare steel bonnet with a protective 'release layer' of cling film;-)

Then the first tentative splat of plaster is applied and left overnight to dry.

After that comes the fun bit of trying to sculpt something that resembles a bit of car.

Hmm, from humble beginnings and all that...

After a few more thin layers it's looking a bit more presentable.

And lots less like a nasty garden ornament!

The other bit of styling that needs looking at is wheels.. 10"?

12" ?

or maybe 13".. Too many choices !

And then there's colour.

Wrap up yer Superlite with clingfilm, then spray with flourescent paint to get an idea how it looks.. Bright !

Hmm, much nicer than the smelly black steel Wellers.

And nicer than the 12" Minilight.

The 13" Superlites are still a bit boring in plain old shiny finish.

The track is probably wider than the LandRover too ;-)

Looks like I will need Gp7 arches as the 5's are a bit too thin.

Having decided that flouro orange may be the way to go a 10" GB alloy gets the low bake treatment.

Smells better than cakes :-)

Hmmm, shiny orange, but do I brave the 13"s...?



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