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Having removed the existing fuel & cooling stuff from the rear end of the car, it was time to see what from the Spag stash of stuff could do a better job. This time the air will be scooped/sucked & ducted from under the car, through the radiator and out of the bootlid.

The Ford radiator from Fiona the V8 Micra holds a lot of water and is the right shape for the boot opening

01_cool.jpg (47448 bytes)

The MR2 fans used previously in Doris are a pretty good shape, but I don't know if they will shift as much air as the large single fan. But with the rear bulkhead out I had a plan.

02_cool.jpg (36565 bytes) 03_cool.jpg (45401 bytes)

The radiator was stuck across the boot opening and sealed with gaffer tape and bin bags, the test fan was fitted and a smoke machine stuck in the car.

04_cool.jpg (44807 bytes) 05_cool.jpg (43142 bytes) 

Then all you do is fill the car with smoke, switch on the fan and see how far the smoke gets chucked with each fan :-)

06_cool.jpg (46327 bytes) 

It seemed like the twin fans shifted more air, so they will be going back in.

07_cool.jpg (46318 bytes)

The beer keg just happens to fit nicely in to the rear subframe, so it should end up on its side, as far forwards as possible.

08_cool.jpg (40747 bytes)

It should be quite easy to duct the air from under the car up around the back of the barrel - cooling the fuel - then out through the radiator, fans and boot lid.

You never know, it might just work !

1656kb AVI of smoke testing.



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