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 Sept 7th 2003 - Minis by the sea a friendly show by the West Sussex Mini Owners Club.

The AMOC area, complete with the glorious gazebo.

01_mbts.jpg (43710 bytes)   04_mbts.jpg (47090 bytes) 05_mbts.jpg (41398 bytes) 06_mbts.jpg (44288 bytes)

And the occasional sleepy body.

07_mbts.jpg (40886 bytes)

Doris got a bit of interest, but due to noise restrictions, we couldn't provide out usual V8 flavoured sound track :-(

08_mbts.jpg (42794 bytes) 09_mbts.jpg (43315 bytes) 

Not to be outdone by the concoursey types we found a scrap mirror from a caravan cupboard to show off the black grime, orange goop and aluminium epoxy that resides on the bottom of the gearbox. 

12_mbts.jpg (41865 bytes) 11_mbts.jpg (42316 bytes)

A discrete sign on the mirror seemed to curb the previously unending enquiries about the origin of the gearbox.

10_mbts.jpg (33901 bytes)

Elaine standing proudly by her new car, Annie - awarded 'Shed Of The Show'.

14_mbts.jpg (42646 bytes)

Sleeping people can be made to look more decorative with the addition of soft toys...

15_mbts.jpg (47300 bytes) 16_mbts.jpg (46748 bytes) 17_mbts.jpg (39559 bytes)

Emergency stop to provide a bit of extra cooling for the fuel tank.

18_mbts.jpg (33545 bytes) 19_mbts.jpg (31642 bytes)





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