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Ed and Doris stop for 20 mins to wait for the gates to open (at 7:30)

01_doris_ed.jpg (36031 bytes)

Turning up early gave us prime location at the start of the huge row of Minis.

02_small_line.jpg (26717 bytes) 03_small_line.jpg (37687 bytes) 04_ed.jpg (30010 bytes) 

Soon there was quite a collection of clubbies at our end.

12_clubbies.jpg (33065 bytes) 13_clubbies.jpg (32015 bytes)

Some sneaky pics of another yellow V8, the Capri of Will Holman (Editor of Practical Classics) showing a nice 2" screw number plate fixing, and the bird he had picked up on the way :-)

05_capri1.jpg (32791 bytes) 06_capri2.jpg (22472 bytes) 07_capri3.jpg (23851 bytes)

With the front closed people some weren't convinced that there was really a V8 under the bonnet, so it was rude not to show it to them.

08_peer1.jpg (41014 bytes) 09_peer2.jpg (35704 bytes) 10_peer3.jpg (34943 bytes) 11_peer4.jpg (35059 bytes)

This badly framed set of panning pics shows that the line of non Cooper Minis was enormous, but for some reason most people gravitated towards our end ;-)

20_pan_7.jpg (44307 bytes)19_pan_6.jpg (46510 bytes)18_pan_5.jpg (46321 bytes)17_pan_4.jpg (41778 bytes)16_pan_3.jpg (41833 bytes)15_pan_2.jpg (45677 bytes)14_pan_1.jpg (41997 bytes)

A friendly visit from Will Holman and Kevin Leaper from Practical Classics

21_pc1.jpg (34601 bytes) 22_pc2.jpg (33994 bytes) Doris running during their visit 1518kb AVI

After him showing mine, it seemed rude not to have a look at his :-)

23_capri_start.jpg (34653 bytes) Will's V8 Capri running 832kb AVI

Avis compressed with DivX, see Tech Files for 700k download

NOTE AVI files compressed with the DivX codec, free from www.divx.com

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