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A bit of gentle tapping on the old subframe revealed a few holes....

03_old_sub.jpg (45321 bytes) 04_old_sub.jpg (45038 bytes) 05_old_sub.jpg (45761 bytes)

The nice shiny new one should be a bit safer !

06_new_sub.jpg (47519 bytes) 07_new_sub.jpg (43811 bytes)

Having sheared a couple of the old bolts in the heel boards, both ends of the old panel were chopped off and new repair sections welded in.

08_heel_weld.jpg (42453 bytes)

Then the rear section of the boot floor was taken out (again using the mildly scary 9" grinder).

09_boot_chop.jpg (46749 bytes) 10_boot_chop.jpg (43287 bytes)

A cardboard template for the replacement panel was made in about 15 mins with a permanent marker and a pair of scissors. - Remember to use round nosed scissors, and don't sniff the pen (too much!).

11_template.jpg (49111 bytes)

A quick scribble round the cardboard, which only just fitted on the sheet !

12_marked_up.jpg (45511 bytes)

Then after only 10 mins with the 9" grinder, the panel was ready to fold and fit.

13_cut_out.jpg (42051 bytes)

After a bit of light bashing, and some slight dressing again with the grinder, the panel was ready co clamp on and weld.

14_new_boot.jpg (44774 bytes) 15_new_boot.jpg (48259 bytes)





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