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The tank fits nicely through the middle of the rear subframe, and will be mounted as far forward as possible to leave plenty of room for air to the radiator.  

01_barrel.jpg (32885 bytes) 02_barrel.jpg (37011 bytes)

While getting the position sorted the tank I sat the tank on a couple of bits of 2"x2" resting on the exhaust pipes. This should leave a suitable gap for some heat shielding between the tank & zorst. 

03_boot.jpg (47125 bytes)

The back of the tank will be left uncovered so that the cold air sucked from under the car and through the side ducts will cool the tank. Shame it's stainless !

04_boot.jpg (43400 bytes)

Spag-art impression of the fuel tank innards. 

The pick up pipe sits in a large baffle tube in the bottom of the tank, the baffle tube has small holes around the bottom to allow fuel to flow in as needed, but it should restrict the flow away from the pickup on hard cornering with low fuel levels. Warm fuel returning from the fuel is directed onto the rear side of the tank, which should be cooler due to the air flowing to the radiator.

00_tank1.gif (20105 bytes)

Looking down into the tank you see the baffle tube and pickup pipe.

01_tank_swirl.jpg (42253 bytes) 02_tank_swirl.jpg (45888 bytes)

The rear quarter panel needed a bit of attention with a mallet to make it flat enough for the nice new filler/funnel thingy.

06_cap.jpg (45629 bytes) 05_cap.jpg (47924 bytes)

Then a bit of 2" bore filler pipe leads to a bit of 2" exhaust pipe welded into the barrel.

07_pipe.jpg (50066 bytes)

Metal loaded epoxy was used to stick new fuel pipes onto the tank, and to provide a bit of protection. The hatch allows access to the feed and return pipes and means that I can alter the baffle arrangement if necessary.

08_lid.jpg (48441 bytes)


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