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Doris on the trailer with Ed & James, waiting for the Amoc contingent to arrive.

01_loaded.jpg (33158 bytes)

Just after we got the big green gazebo up on Friday, the rain really started, so loud in fact, that you had to shout to be heard over the noise of it ! As a result, the small gazebo was installed on the trailer to stop the table and candles from getting wet ;-)

03_gazebo_fit.jpg (35493 bytes) 06_stand_sat.jpg (36896 bytes) 02_table.jpg (39362 bytes) 10_prop.jpg (35837 bytes)

Sadly, the candles still had a tendency to blow out at 4mph+, which did spoil the evenings mobile dining. Along with the plates sliding around and the occasional slop of red wine, which could make it all the way to your elbow on hard acceleration. 

04_loo_stop.jpg (42307 bytes)

While on tour with Rob driving, this largish bloke comes over and asks him 'Who is responsible for this vehicle'. Fearing that our passenger service is about to be cancelled I own up, only to find that it's Jukka from the Finland (Viku's mate, who helped with loads of tech info at the start of the project).

05_fin.jpg (46032 bytes)

With a little sign writing, some more stickers and revised banners, the Amoc Tours ' Deathtrap Express'  was ready for the Saturday service.

28_stand.jpg (66039 bytes) 07_graphics.jpg (70526 bytes) 08_graphics.jpg (64403 bytes) 09_decoration.jpg (65034 bytes)  

Jukka returns for some more pictures and a dry look over the car. Perhaps he will convince Viku that he needs a Gazebo'd dining trailer ?

11_jukka_look.jpg (58728 bytes) 12_jukka_look.jpg (50856 bytes)

We thought we were lazy having sit down trailer tours around the show to see everything, but  the vast number of Mokes seemed to be over filled with people too !

13_moke_look.jpg (49670 bytes) 14_moke_look.jpg (52970 bytes)

It took literally seconds (and a big sniffy marker pen) to convince Louise to decorate the table with a club logo. Craig helped with colouring in, while everyone else helped by using the table to eat from.

15_table_art.jpg (40653 bytes) 16_table_art.jpg (48441 bytes) 17_table_food.jpg (50334 bytes) 18_table_pencil.jpg (44972 bytes) 19_table_pencil.jpg (49447 bytes)

Some low angle 'hanging off the trailer cam' pictures from a sight seeing tour of the site. Including Andy Leach's Beast, Morris dancers, a bit of swerving by other Minis and a bit of swerving by Rob 'Torque-Steer' Sparkes after 'accidentally' hitting the power band when pulling away !!!!!

20_tour_cam1.jpg (26834 bytes) 21_tour_beast.jpg (32977 bytes) 22_tour_morris.jpg (37359 bytes) 23_tour_swerve.jpg (45270 bytes) 

24_tour_rob.jpg (50177 bytes) 25_tour_stoned.jpg (42463 bytes) 26_tour_guard.jpg (43419 bytes) 27_tour_end.jpg (43000 bytes) 

The dead safe camera position...

50_cam_spag.jpg (74764 bytes) 51_cam_spag.jpg (53180 bytes)

95 sec edited highlights of the tour tour1.avi 3352kb avi  (divx5 encoded)

With Sunday being the last day (and hot & sunny) we packed up the gazebo in favour of the parasols.

30_monkey.jpg (72124 bytes) 29_parasol.jpg (50421 bytes) 35_parasol.jpg (51637 bytes)  

Overtaking Mini World.

31_sput.jpg (48043 bytes)

Heading straight for MiniMotos.

32_mini_moto.jpg (44236 bytes)  

Passing the MiniList.

33_minilist.jpg (49524 bytes)

This lady caught up with us when we stopped to look at the Portuguese Mokes. Apparently she had been running 1/2 way across the show  to get a picture, because her son thinks that Minis are silly little cars and he only likes things with V8s in !!!

34_wait-for-me.jpg (54181 bytes)

60 sec vid of a 'parasol' tour tour2.avi 2410kb avi

After everything was packed up and the table folded down, we just needed to do one more trip, which gave the opportunity for some terribly responsible stand up surfing ;-)

37_flatbed2.jpg (60453 bytes) 38_flatart.jpg (61400 bytes) 36_flatbed1.jpg (45667 bytes)

45 sec 'flatpack' tour with a bit of gravel spittage ;-) tour3.avi 1776kb avi


Lastly... After all the discussions on Kev/chav driving styles Mr Town was spotted in the classic 'elbows on wheel' pose.....

39_elbows.jpg (46299 bytes)

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