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The canvas 'emergency' rag top being inspected & measured by Mumsie. Hopefully she will get the important bits sewn so we can take it to the IMM!

01_canvas.jpg (78020 bytes) 02_canvas.jpg (52725 bytes) 03_canvas.jpg (66439 bytes)

More spares have been collected with a view to doing a proper build and install over the winter.

Nice set of +20 hi compression (9.75:1) pistons, just waiting to be slipped in after one of the blocks if re-bored.

01_pistons.jpg (44024 bytes)

New spangly set of Hedman manifolds. When the engine is out these will be bolted on, then chopped up and welded back together to suit the FWD install :-) Slightly nicer shape than the current cast manifolds, so should help the engine breathe a bit better.

02_zorst_kit.jpg (40678 bytes) 03_pipes.jpg (47131 bytes) 04_pipe.jpg (53175 bytes) 05_collector.jpg (58547 bytes)

With freshly machined block, increased CR and tubular manifolds, it's just possible that Doris may make a few extra horses....

So it's good that we have finally acquired another B series FWD box from a Landcrab. Spares at last !!!

Hopefully, after the 1800cc B series lump is removed the box will look OK inside...

01_crab_lump.jpg (57650 bytes) 02_crab_lump.jpg (63376 bytes) 03_crab_lump.jpg (78419 bytes)


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