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Lifeline Zero 2000, 2.25 litre mechanical plumbed in extinguisher kit, 85 +vat from Rally designs - www.raldes.co.uk (LLS10026C).

01_ext_kit.jpg (42146 bytes)

The cylinder fits to the rear cage leg pretty well, so can be operated with the handle by smashing the window, or reaching over the seat. The cable pull is mounted on the front bar of the roll cage, near the mirror, so can be reached easily from either seat, or through the doors.

02_ext_fitted.jpg (45895 bytes)

The nozzle on the passenger side is fixed to the remains of the bonnet hinge.

03_noz_1.jpg (42607 bytes) 04_noz_2.jpg (44696 bytes)

The drivers side nozzle is temporarily tied to the braided brake lines for the servo. Not an ideal location! I will be moving this one to the front of the engine bay for better coverage at some point.

05_noz_3.jpg (45392 bytes) 06_noz_4.jpg (43693 bytes)

No, not the fire extinguisher control system :-) Megatune software connected to the Megasquirt ECU while tuning the idle and warm up settings. 

07_mtune1.jpg (45847 bytes) 08_mtune2.jpg (42322 bytes)

Lastly, a little vid of the 2nd silencer that I use to irritate the neighbours a bit less when running the V8 on the drive.

09_silence.jpg (48697 bytes)

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Diy fuel injection by MEGASQUIRT www.msefi.com

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