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Bodging an Offenhauser carb manifold for port injection...

First job was to level the carb flange on the manifold. You can buy an angled spacer to sit on the top, but I wanted to get the flange as low as possible, so out with Mr Hacksaw for about an hour !

01_offychop.jpg (45085 bytes) 02_offychop.jpg (55711 bytes)

I stuck the original mounting plate back on with a 

The original plate was set in place with a little Devcon aluminium epoxy to fill any rough spots. When it was set, I drilled, tapped and lobbed the original screws back in.

03_platefit.jpg (35275 bytes)

Trial injector holes installed with the trusty B&D. - Sorry about the quality of this picture:-(

04_holes.jpg (24999 bytes)

Trial assembly shows that it might just work... The injectors sit a little more upright than with the original Rover EFI manifolds, so the spray is not straight onto the back of the valve. It is at 45 to the port though, so it shouldn't be too bad.

05_trialbuild.jpg (110676 bytes) 06_trialbuild.jpg (89052 bytes)

It does all sit nice and low though :-)

07_trialbuild.jpg (90935 bytes)

And yes, I will take the 4 injectors out of the throttle body !


More Devcon was used to build up some 'shoulders' on the port runners, which were then drilled to take the rubber injector seal.

58_epoxyboss1.jpg (55099 bytes) 59_epoxyboss2.jpg (47778 bytes)

The throttle linkage needed slimming down by cutting side of  the main lever and replacing the link with a specially formed bit of split pin ;-)

56_link1.jpg (50500 bytes) 57_link2.jpg (63160 bytes)

Fully assembled ready for testing

51_side2.jpg (53038 bytes) 52_side3.jpg (58709 bytes) 53_front1.jpg (55002 bytes) 54_front2.jpg (57969 bytes) 55_rear1.jpg (65878 bytes)


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