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26th March 2005

So, here we are, my first update! It's been about a month since I agreed to be Doris' new keeper, but it's taken that long to put everything in place to make it happen. I'm well pleased, been grinning from ear to ear all day! 

After visiting Spag on 24th/25th We decided the best bet was to bring Doris round on the trailer in the morning on 26th (saturday), which worked out well as the traffic wasn't too bad, despite it being Easter weekend.

So, on to some photos...

Doris arrives at her new home!

Unloading from trailer

01_doris_arrives.jpg (109861 bytes) 02_strappage_removal.jpg (86734 bytes) 03_reverses_in.jpg (95356 bytes)

Doris in her new house

06_in _new_shelter.jpg (65341 bytes) 05_here_she_is.jpg (70107 bytes)

No real action taken today, took me most of the day to find places to stash all the spares that Spag gave me with the car, I think actually my parents were more concerned with the volume of bits that came in, rather than with the arrival of the car itself!

27th March 2005

Again, no major work to report, but did some playing...

First up, oil leaks (Grrrr). 12 hours of standing produces this much oil. 

07_oil1.jpg (88346 bytes)

And the drip rate seems to increase to about 1 drip every 5 to 10 seconds when the engine is running at idle. So, up on ramps to see if anything can be done to stem the flow a little.

Doris on ramps (complete with "low noise" silencers):

08_ramps1.jpg (67273 bytes) 09_ramps2.jpg (51402 bytes)

Basically just had a look round and tightened up anything that seemed a bit loose. Suspect a couple of threads in the gearbox casing are a bit stripped... Anyway, I think the oil may be dripping *slightly* slower now.

Also found a completely pointless vacuum gauge kicking around, so decided to see if it works. I noticed Spag had used the same pipes etc for the windscreen washer as for vacuum connections to everything, so seeing as Doris wont be on the road for a couple of months, I decided to cannibalise the washer system to connect up the guage.

10_vacuum1.jpg (66041 bytes)

So, having proved the gauge works, I think that'll be going in the dashboard at some point, even if it is purely to have a cosmetic "bouncing needle".

Offered up one of the alloy wheels I have spare, to see if the look might suit the car. Once Doris' current tyres are shot, these wheels will be going on anyway methinks, as they have good tread.

11_alloy.jpg (72540 bytes)

Also just did a few other bits & pieces really:
Put the tyre pressures up - Note: Need a 12v socket in Doris!

12_pressure.jpg (69421 bytes)

Looked in to places to put badges and things

13_badge.jpg (60200 bytes)

And painted some rusty metal (yes, there is a bit) with stop-rust 

and so on...

So, I've had a great weekend really! :)

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