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Welcome to..."The Roughest V8Mini Deathtrap In The World"*

3.5 litres of front wheel drive fun.

If RWD is your thing, then try for Spag's supercharged mid engine van project.

September - 2016


Yes, it's true, after 11 years away, Doris is back.

The bodywork is in need of attention as some of the paint has lifted, but considering the respray in 2004 was a a panic job over one weekend, she hasn't faired too badly.

There is a bit of reassembly needed to finish the install of new clutch & starter bits, plus a couple of boxes of goodies that Adam had been collecting, including new shocks, trumpets, arches, handles locks and sundry other bits still to be discovered :) 

Seems I have a bit of renovation and recomissioning to do!





December 2007 - some flywheel investigations.

Time at last to look at the munched ring gear!

Fly & Ring



November 2006 - Weldings

Scriv has been busy replacing a few areas of tinworm...

November update


May 2006 - Update & engine out !

Bit of an update of Scriv's antics and a bit of engine removal.



23rd October - Doris gets some nose art...

Think scantily clad ladies, think WWII American bombers, think Doris... ?

Pics here


10th July - Doris goes to Peterborough show.

By invitation Doris appears on the PPCmag stand at the Great Eastern Pageant of Motoring.

Pics & stuff here

26th June - Torque steer & Doris

Spag & Scriv  investigate

Words, pics and scary vids !


26th April 2005 - A short vid

Scriv's guide on how to make your mates squeal like a girl.

(Oh, and give yourself many health problems by running Doris in a fairly confined space)

444kb avi


26th March 2005 - Doris Arrives

So, here we are, my first update! It's been about a month since I agreed to be Doris' new keeper, but it's taken that long to put everything in place to make it happen. I'm well pleased, been grinning from ear to ear all day! 

After visiting Spag on 24th/25th We decided the best bet was to bring Doris round on the trailer in the morning on 26th (saturday), which worked out well as the traffic wasn't too bad, despite it being Easter weekend.

Full Story & pics

For a quick introduction to Doris, the yellow V8 Mini,  please have a look at Doris' Story. This way you can get an idea of the front wheel drive V8Mini project, without having to try digging through years of rambling diary!


All old diary, gallery & vids will remain in their familiar places, but Scriv antics & updates will be posted here.


For Doris specific things or to book the car for magazine, film and stage(?) appearances use the following address :-)

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