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10th July 2005 

Great Eastern Pageant of Motoring (Doris on the PPC stand)

Bloomin typical isn't it... I sell Doris to Scriv, then within days I get a mail from Will asking if Doris can go on their stand at the show.....

Doris on the Spag trailer - now in fetching chocolate (poo) brown.

01_trailer.jpg (90293 bytes) 02_trailer.jpg (80886 bytes)

On arrival at the showground Scriv seemed to want to distance himself a bit.

03_not-guilty.jpg (55634 bytes)

But was soon convinced of the merits of driving a loud V8 through a hoooge  barn ;-)

Vid of unload and pootle through barn 1502kb avi

Doris has never really mixed with cars other than Minis at shows before so it was good to see that her people magnet was working well.

10_peepl.jpg (72126 bytes) 11_peepl.jpg (72002 bytes) 12_peepl.jpg (73001 bytes) 13_peepl.jpg (81014 bytes) 14_peepl.jpg (93046 bytes) 15_peepl.jpg (104389 bytes)

The PPC stand had a really varied selection of interesting cars, but you did get the feeling that people were mainly looking at the grubby V8 powered yellow ones. The DeLorean on the next stand looked particularly lonely...

20_stand.jpg (82213 bytes) 21_stand.jpg (88066 bytes) 22_stand.jpg (95559 bytes) 23_stand.jpg (88339 bytes) 24_stand.jpg (96255 bytes) 25_quiet.jpg (95629 bytes)

30_stand.jpg (87083 bytes) 31_stand.jpg (103059 bytes) 32_stand.jpg (113955 bytes) 33_stand.jpg (80539 bytes) 34_stand.jpg (79698 bytes) 35_stand.jpg (72824 bytes)



A few pics for other peepl that like small cars.

40_2cv.jpg (139594 bytes) 41_porch.jpg (94936 bytes) 42_500.jpg (112740 bytes)


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