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23rd October - Nose Art

A random evening down the pub with some mates resulted in a plan to paint something on Doris. Originally people wanted to paint flames on her, which I wasn't so happy with. Fortunately this evolved into something more tasteful; 1950s american bomber (think "Memphis Belle") style nose art.

An outline was drawn on in pencil, using a projected image as a guide.

projector.jpg (64767 bytes)

Not being an artist, I needed someone who was. Larry, who is 99% to blame for this project, was drafted in, seen here putting the finishing touches to his work.

 final_paint.jpg (89000 bytes)


finished_flip.jpg (86038 bytes) finished_flip2.jpg (81790 bytes)

And back on the car, ready for the next show season.

on_car1.jpg (104996 bytes) on_car2.jpg (79149 bytes) on_car3.jpg (89285 bytes)

I'm well pleased with the result. I was half expecting it to be a complete disaster and just to have to paint over it again - but I think it looks great. Plus the union jack dress looks really good against the yellow background. It probably represents a full day's work in total - so I owe Larry a beer, or 30. The only issue is, it was painted in b&q "one-coat" paint, and then just lacquered with halfords spray lacquer stuff. I think enamel paint may have been a better bet, but we'll see. Hopefully it will survive the winter!


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